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The Agricultural Kolaps-A-Tank provides a mobile, reliable source of water Plus it is made from material that is NSF/ANSI Standard 61 approved for contact with drinking water.

Ideal for feeding livestock, crop spraying, mixing fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. The Kolaps-A-Tank is the least expensive means devised to haul liquids. Initial cost is substantially lower than any comparable fiberglass or poly tank on the market. For value, you canít beat the Kolaps-A-Tank

The Kolaps-A-Tank is made superior strength rugged 30 oz XR-3 material It's electronically heat sealed and capable of withstanding severe outdoor exposure.

The Kolaps-A-Tank has 6 sizes and can be handled easily by one person, and yet holds from 73 to 1340 gallons! It can be filled and emptied in minutes with a centrifugal force pump or drained by gravity flow. Convenient to fill and drain with 10"diameter flexible sleeve on top for filling and 1 1/2" gate valve mounted on 8" PVC extension pipe for easy draining. Easy to store, even the largest Kolaps-A-Tank can be folded up and stored in an 19"x19"x19" carton.


Model No Approximate
Gallons* Liters Shipping
FDA-50MT 40" x 50" x 12" 73 276 13 lbs  $437.75
FDA-73MT 80" x 73" x 16" 275 1040 25 lbs  $590.75
FDA-98MT 65" x 98" x 18" 525 1987 36 lbs  $743.00
FDA-610MT 6' x 10' x 2' 800 3028 42 lbs  $874.25
FDA-712MT 7' x 12' x 2' 1140 4315 60 lbs $1,132.85
FDA-714MT 7' x 14' x 2' 1340 5072 69 lbs $1,240.25

*Gallons are approximate water capacities

F.O.B. Fort Dodge, IA

Effective date October 20,2011
25% repacking & handling charges on all returned units.

Prices are subject to change without notice. TOP


Burch Manufacturing Company, Inc.
618 1st Avenue North • Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 
Phone: 515-573-4136
E-mail: burchmfg@frontiernet.nethttp://www.burchmfg.com



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